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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 19:51:36 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

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Luebeck, March 19, 2018

Cultural Change of the Times or the German Hit and "The Life is dancing Sirtaki".

Free English translation on 15th April 2021. Please let that German-language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right people worldwide. 

Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Masteries,

Today my person would like to submit a letter, that could already relate to the near future and the upcoming cultural trips, since my letters have usually always preceded "theirs" time.

Of course, this document is only valid, if all the necessary basic requirements have been met and of course our beautiful world should still turn and not collapse in the last days of the end times due to the excessive exploitation of the earth.

Since there is an uniform culture of all people of the present, of the past and of the future in the matter and in the commission, the whole "enterprise" is also a highly complicated matter, which will probably run in parallel with the high expectations already mentioned, which not everyone necessarily must fully understand, but there will certainly be a few people, who can still think a lot further than others can do and in turn others will be able to go more further in mind.

But one must also clearly emphasize, that at some status the point will and must come, where a person can no longer think about the matter and then in the end the desirable and trained "Servant of God and Cudgel-leader" will "manage" everything else, preferably for myself because humanity simply has to "surrender".

And now my person comes back to the subject line and would like to point out that, due to the different sounding languages, some things could indicate of the causer of the languages.

There are languages, for example, as a German one could think that these languages are spoken almost backwards and that many variations are “equipped” with either increasing sibilants or descending sibilants and contain these.

These are the languages of the countries, starting with Poland, Turkey, Hungary, for example Czechoslovakia * and predominantly further in the direction of the Eastern Bloc countries, then further in the direction of Iran, Iraq and Arabia. So it mainly affects partly Christianity, the Russian Orthodox Church and mostly Islam.

These and other languages could cause a clear blockage, which is or was probably necessary for an interpersonal sexual relationship with people from another culture, but now has to be dismantled, as is preferably the case for people from the German-speaking culture, which leads to usually have forcibly tuned the pich of the voices of the respective foreign language.

Also in the variety of musical sounds or chants and the associated dancing of the mentioned language directions, these differ very clearly from the partly European and American cultures, whereby my person can clearly identify and name as the top of all languages worldwide is the German-speaking cultures, followed by the English-speaking cultures, since the German language * is the most beautiful possible language and, combined with the diversity, has the most beautiful harmonic and musical sounds.

These interpersonal sexual relationships are therefore in the merging of an unified cultural movement and there are different possibilities for this, that need to be used.

I would like to address one possibility today, because this possibility requires a planning, whereby on the other hand my person would be equipped with correspondingly good German hits, just as many young people have equipped themselves with their music for on the go, which usually do not fit my understanding of music and will not belong in the understanding of music by people of my age, what can also be very interesting to interpret.

This one above mentioned possibility relates to planned German-language pop festivals or to English/ German pop festivals through the events in foreign countries and cultures, or it concerns pop festivals in German-speaking countries with many people or guests from foreign cultures, such as Russians or Japanese or Indians or Iranians or Chinese, which could also be organized "live" on TV via satellite or also at the cultural trips in the foreign  countries.

My person would also like to take part in such German-language hit festivals abroad, because today's end-of-time hits are simply really the best; but there is something extremely important to note or to criticize, namely the stage of development of our culture and the desired status of this culture, which has to be "turned back" to the 1950s.

This means that the swing, the sound, the rhythm and the text are welcome to stay, but one thing has to change and that is essential for people who also come from serious and venerable cultures; it is the freedom of clothing and the presentation or appearance as an overall picture, which nowadays more and more often shows a "high-class hooker" in women or which in men more and more often embodies a superman, a hero, a puppet or someone or something else.

Of course, disregarding the requirements at such Hit-Festivals, the Cudgel of my person must ensure a direction in the matter, which would of course cloud the mood and which would be a great shame, especially for the star in question, since such naughty things in front of the assembled fan community should be ended by blows from "heaven"!

Of course, the young fans, especially the girls or teenagers, should not take the example of a star who, due to the high expectations of many fans, offers or sells oneself too much as a kind of "high-class  hooker" and if that does so in the usual way should happen, then hopefully there will be a lesson for all those present people at the Hit-Festival, which for some few can be very painful and unforgettable!

You can also have a lot of fun and be happy, if you switch down a few levels in the entertainment program and, as an organizer, as a star or singer, will probably get a lot more from the actual Hit-Festival oneself.

So I hope for your understanding and good luck and I remain with best regards,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: Should my person be publicly presented as a kind of "noble whore" or whatever**, which would have to be reckoned with, then certainly not, so that you and your kind can continue to live high at my expense and enjoy life to the fullest, but for many other people not even for one day enough to eat full is available!

Unfortunately I have to publish this document on one of my homepages too, as time is of the essence and goes straight to the end !

* German text was grammatically corrected and slightly supplemented. March 20, 2018 / March 11, 2020 / May 6, 2020 * / Oct. 31, 2020 Document checked. / August 9, 2022.