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Aleppo or Apollo

Subject: Education instead of forced marriage - girls need your help!

From: "Kinderhilfswerk Plan" <>

Date: 12/13/2016 7:32 am

To: "Ursula Sabisch"

The free English translation on 29 April 2021. The German language document you may find here!

See below: Final Solution

Dear Sirs and Madames,

If you and others are genuinely interested in a plan and therefore need funds for your children's charity, then you should face the reality first.

This is exactly what you and the likes of you can achieve on my various websites.

There is thus an electronic book with various "treasure chambers", which currently overshadows all other books in the world, as these contained letters are present as treasures and are linked to the end of time and a possible new beginning.

In short:

(see also below)

End the hunger, the wars and the abortions worldwide, because only then my person may claim her financial resources as a pocket money and thus she becomes more capable of acting.

Opening of the matter worldwide through the gate of the world through my person in: Hamburg, villa on the (inner) Alster * is requested by my person, job in the TZ * (This specific offer is no longer available) * in a kind of "kindergarten-society ", as ever and incorporated in a swichboard station in Luebeck.

Rebuilding and furnishing castles of the world as ordered, etc.

Prepare world trips also for my person, etc..

My person knows that many prominent people publish their autobiographies or books and that they will make a lot of money as a result. So my person demands that this money be given to the children's charities and SOS-villages, because as already mentioned, nobody is able to keep up with my electronic book at the moment.

Today's books usually have a good entertainment value, but currently no comparable material value and so I am demanding this money from the hobby writers!

Attention: Yesterday on the radio news it was reported that children were also burned alive in Syria / Aleppo!

My person should let you and the likes of you incapacitate, because that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a man in the house, you silly, spoiled and stupid fools, you, who continue to draft begging letters instead of finally continuing your education!

Ursula Sabisch

October 31, 2018 * changed *

Offer: Set up my workspace in the villa of the Free and Hanseatic Citiy of Hamburg ** and then go on with the predetermined cultural trips!

HP: One has to think twice about, whether it makes sense to want to carry out such a matter and such a commission with half-stupid children!

This email will now be inserted into one of my treasure chambers!


Education instead of forced marriage -

Girls need your help!

Fair Balance in the Matter - The Solution is: Education!

The Final Solution

The further solution is: Through the violence of my Monumental-Cudgel, everyone who does not want to voluntarily part with the accumulated wealth, which, by the way, no one in today's magnitude can honestly have earned, will feel the Cudgel of my person, because these were predetermined as deployed administrations of the funds for the necessary projects!

December 31, 2016

HP: Even if one had not been informed in the matter and commission, as a person with intellect one had to know that one moves and uses the accumulated fortune at the high expense of others, because these sums of money must be missing somewhere in another place.

Such "beat-up" and naive behavior by the rich still costs many people their lives!

Especially those who have been involved in the matter for a long time and have not yet given any information about this, will have to give an account of their sick "acting and thinking"!

October 31, 2018